Crystal Clear

by Philip E. Hyatt

October 4, 2012


Brilliant blue shines above me, autumn skies reign roundabout

Sky so clear enshrines about me, summers gone there is no doubt

Take a breath and feel the crispness, draw it in and breathe it out

Fresh this air that blows about me, clearest clear within without


Winters coming but don't tell me, summer hasn't quite left yet

Trees are dressed in summer's dressing, green's best greening don't forget

Take in autumn's fresh refreshing, suck in an all that you can get

Autumn's splendor soon be breaking, autumn rains will soon be wet


Postscript: I didn't use to explain my poems and I won't explain this one in detail.  But I will explain the concept of poetic license.  Most writers are bound by grammar and punctuation.  Poets are not.  Poets are allowed to use, abuse, mangle, twist, and otherwise generally misused words, phrases, and grammar to their heart's content.  This is why I can use the phrase "Autumn's splendor soon be breaking." I don't have to follow the rules because I'm a poet. The same goes for my use, non-use or misuse of punctuation.