Mr. Philip E. Hyatt

Mr. Phillip E. HyattMr. Hyatt's long and enjoyable career including 17 years with the U. S. Department of Agriculture's Forest Service as a botanist/ecologist. An early interest in birds led him to an interest in ecology and biodiversity as he studied under Dr. Douglas James at the University of Arkansas. After teaching school and managing his own home remodeling business he returned to the university for a master's degree in botany. He continues to help organize the Flora of Arkansas committee that is now preparing a state flora. With the Forest Service, Mr. Hyatt became an expert in land management of rare plant habitats and in the use of the ArcView geographic information system. For five years he served in the Southern Regional Office of the Forest Service as a legal specialist for biological and physical resources dealing with concerns the general public had for the management of Forest Service lands. Areas of concern were related to wildlife, botany, range, soil, water, and air as it relates to land management concerns. Mr. Hyatt began to teach himself Chinese in 2004, mostly for enjoyment and cultural enrichment.  He began helping Chinese students edit their research papers in 2008 and was soon working part time as an editor. He drafted his first book of fiction in 2009 and has since started several more books.  You can find more about his autobiography, Windsong, on this website.  He began writing and editing full time in 2011.  B. S. Zoology, 1974, University of Arkansas; M. S. Botany, 1991, University of Arkansas.


Mr. Peter Pei

Peter PiePeter Pei is founder of Shanghai Language Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and works closely with Mr. Hyatt.  His speciality is Chinese while Mr. Hyatt polishes off the English. Peter's business leadership is largely based on his customer oriented attitude and his ability to provide exceptional customer support. He has prior experience in sales and marketing manager with YuanPei Translation Corporation and Midea Corporation where he has accumulated extensive sales,marketing and project management experience. B.A, Law from Huazhong University of Science and Technology.








Mrs. Sheila Hyatt

Sheila HyattSheila Hyatt has extensive experience in the medical field having worked for many years as a Licensed Practical Nurse.  She brings a knowledge of cardiological and internal medicine nursing along with extensive experience in patient care in both clinical and elder care settings.  As business manager, she tracks editing assignments and manages bookkeeping.  In 2012, she joined the business and uses her editing skills to take care of "the little things" (capitalization, punctuation, and spacing) often neglected by Chinese writers of English.  L. P. N. North Arkansas Community College 1985.