Sites I use for blogs to learn Chinese and teach English

  China-USA Fr. (好的英文)

Dioenglish (请自己来英文)

Lang-8 (英文-八)

Weibo (想中文的翻译)

MDGB (词典)

Bing (翻译)


 Plant websites 

Flora of China (中国的植物)

USDA plants (美国的植物)

Kunming Institute of Botany

 National Weather

NOAA Weather (天气)

This site is designed more for fun than business.  If you get too serious with life, life becomes difficult.  So, take it easy and enjoy what life gives you.  If I seem philosophical, remember, they named the study of philosophy after me, Philip Hyatt!

Sedgehead discovering 中国 Cave on the Sylamore National Park*

I use this page for my home page. As such it gives me quick access to links I use the most. For others, my main page serves as the main portal. This is my personal portal!

* I advocate moving the Sylamore District of the Ozark National Forest to be managed as a national park.