This is sample blog on color. Notice that the topic sentences are in bold text. Your task is to write a similar essay of about 500 words on the topic of colors.


            Prior to 1960 we live in a black-and-white world. Color had not been invented yet and everything we looked at on TV was in black-and-white. The trees were dark gray and the grass was light gray. Everything we look at was made in shades of gray. Life became more interesting after color was invented and I want to tell you what some of those colors mean to me.

            Red entranced me. Fire trucks blazed by in red and hooked themselves up to his one fireplugs. Red stands for emergencies. It jumps off the paper to get your attention when the teacher corrects your mistakes.

            Orange seems just so improbable. In the days of black-and-white we never would have dreamed of seeing an orange color. The brightness of orange is so unlikely in a world black-and-white. In reality, orange jumps at you more than red but we were taught that red is the brightest color. We were taught to not doubt conventional wisdom.

            Yellow is no one's favorite color. It feels so neglected, so unwanted, so alone.  Nobody loves yellow; yellow has no claim to fame.

            I remember the first day after color was invented. I very quickly decided that green was my favorite color. The green leaves on the trees seem to cover everything around me. I was interested in the green shades grass and everything growing around. My world vibrated in green and I wanted to hide within it.

            The blue sky spreads across the dome above us with a feeling of infinite depth. Blue could have been my favorite color, but green had jumped out at me as being more invasive. Blue has the feeling of distance, a feeling of the untouchable, of the unknowable, of the unseen.

            Is purple a color?  Nothing in the natural world seems to be purple.  They sky and the water have no purple.  We don’t have purple trees or grass.  If yellow was neglected, purple seems non-existent.  Purple doesn’t even get credit for being black and blue.  Black and blue gets purple’s credit, because black and blue means purple.  That is, until you see a flower.  Then, purple jumps out at you. 

            Turquoise jumps at me and says, “Hey, what about me?  Green and blue get all the credit, but I’m not green and I’m blue.  I’m turquoise, I’m unique!  Don’t forget me.

            Then there’s lavender.  Lavender is not red, orange, or yellow.  It’s something in between.  Like turquoise, lavender is one of those colors that has to make itself known and toot its own horn.

            Colors, each is unique and has its own feelings.  Each brings its own life to the party.  Don’t leave any of them out.  They are all beautiful.


So, there’s an example.  I don’t care what you do with colors.  My goal was to give you a simple topic and see where you would take it.  You have a topic.  Think and make it grow.