Class assignment

             The next class assignment is designed to help you prepare your resume.  But instead of preparing your resume, I would like to work with you on formatting and preparing a fictional resume first.  I have chosen to use my father’s name, Richard E. Hyatt, as he liked to write it and to fictionalize his work experiences for our purposes here.  I am taking this approach for two reasons.  Many people have fairly simple backgrounds.  My own resume will provide you with an example of a businessman’s resume.  This will give you a different perspective on resume writing.

            I’m going to tell you about Mr. Hyatt’s fictional work experience and let you prepare a resume for him.  In reality, my father claimed to have a third grade education and while he could read and write, reading and writing were things I rarely saw him do.  During his life, he had three types of jobs, mostly working as a carpenter.  But for several years he had his own janitorial business, cleaning mostly office buildings and sometimes homes.  He also worked for about a year in a plant nursery.  Much of what you read below is true.  He did sell eggs and had nine children, all of whom are still alive today (the children, not the eggs).  But my father was born in 1914.  Also, my father always said, “I can find work anywhere in three days” and having moved 18 times when I was a child, I knew he could.  He was never out of work for more than a day or two.

            The information I provide you is intentionally misleading and more information than you can use in a resume.  The same happens in our own lives.  We don’t need to provide our wives’ employer’s names, for example.  But I will provide extra information so you can decide what to use on the resume and what to leave out.  Some information will be provided which you will have to reorganize and format into a resume.  The idea here is to force you to think and to practice before you write your own resume.  The reading material is also not “dumbed down;” that is, it is written in normal English to force you to study it carefully.



            Prepare a one page resume.  Use any format you choose, but I strongly recommend you use an American or western format rather than a Chinese format.  Here’s some comparisons.


            American resumes                                          Chinese resumes                                 .

            No photo*                                                       Photo*

            No mention of gender, name only*               Gender provided*

            No mention of marital status**                     Marital status provided**

            No mention of home town                             Home town and current residence listed

            Clean formatting with no lines                      Many horizontal or vertical lines

            One page                                                         Three to five pages


* It is illegal in the US to discriminate based on gender or race.  So, photos are no longer used which allows the person to be hired on their merits rather than their race.

** Marital status and hometown are considered personal information, not appropriate for a resume.

            Our fictional Mr. Hyatt was born in Cape May, New Jersey, USA in 1978.  He married young, at age 17, to Dorothea C. Muncey from the same town.  As a young boy he liked to raise chickens and sell their eggs.  He and Dorothy, as he called her, had nine children.  She has a college degree from the University of Miami in 2003 in Elementary Education.  She teaches for the Adventist Church school system, as an elementary school teacher in Franklin, North Carolina (NC). 

            Mr. Hyatt first worked at a plant nursery for Dr. Harold Guest in Tampa, Florida while he was in high school, part time, and for two years after graduating from high school in 1996 from Lorne Street High School where he graduated with a 3.2 grade point average on a 4 point basis (A =  4 points, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1, F = 0).  He played third base on his high school baseball team and was editor of his high school newspaper during his senior year in high school. Other than that, his life in high school was unremarkable.  He did meet Dorothy when she moved to Cape May in his junior year in high school.  She was one year younger than him.

            Guest Nursery, a small company, hired him as a laborer, but since he gained experience by working part time during high school, after graduation he was employed full time from May 1996 to November 1998 as a crew supervisor and supervised 2 to 7 younger high school students, both boys and girls.  He learned to drive a tractor and a backhoe while working at that job.

            In November of 1998 he was involved in a car accident and broke his leg.  He was unable to work the heavy work of the plant nursery business for several weeks, and then Dr. Guest decided to close his business as the spring season approached in 1999.  By this time, Dorothy was pregnant with their first child and he needed to find work.  They had been married on June 6, 1998.

            The poor economy made finding work difficult, and finally he found a business that was willing to allow him to clean their offices twice a week at night so he could earn money.  An older friend of his, Jack Johnson, operated a similar business and in May of 1999 they decided to join forces and opened J and R Janitorial Services, Inc.  Before long, they had a small partnership going and were cleaning several business offices at nights.

            Richard had been interested in baseball as a young man and with the help of his young wife decided to volunteer as a coach for a local PeeWee baseball team.  His team did poorly, but that didn’t matter to him.  He was named “Coach of the Year” for four years straight from 2000 to 2003 because of his leadership and calm manner as a coach, by the other coaches.

            He and Dorothy liked to go camping and often packed up their young family on weekend and headed to the mountains.  I’ve neglected to tell you they moved from New Jersey to Estes, Colorado in April of 1999.  They would stay there until the winter of 2003-2004 set in.  At that time, the economy in the area was failing and they found it more and more difficult to find work.  Finally, they decided to move to Franklin, North Carolina where Dorothy’s parents had retired.

            Life in Franklin was not what they expected and for a few months Richard was out of work again.  Finally, in June of 2004, Richard found work as a carpenter’s helper for Moore’s Construction Company building houses.  This retirement area was growing rapidly as was Richard and Dorothea’s family.  In 2009, Mr. Moore promoted Richard to lead carpenter and Richard supervised his own crew of four to five people, including himself.  As the lead, he was responsible for keeping track of the crew’s work hours, supervising work, planning each day’s work, picking up materials at the lumber yard, and acting as a typical crew foreman.

            Mr. Moore was not a good business planner, and with an economic downturn, had started losing money.  Finally, he declared bankruptcy in September 2013 and so Mr. Hyatt is looking for work again.

            Your task is to prepare a resume and cover letter for Mr. Hyatt.  Booming Construction Company is looking to expand its business and so he has decided to apply for work with them.  I have not provided all the details you might need, so you will have to create addresses, phone numbers, and any other information you might need.  Feel free to be creative and create skills or background or interests for Mr. Hyatt that are not listed here.  Your assignment is to simply write a cover letter and a resume which Mr. Hyatt can provide to prospective employers.