Written English Class Writing Assignment for September 15, 2013

DUE DATE: September 5, 2013


Your writing assignment is fairly simple.  You should write three formal business letters.  I gave you one possible format in class.  Feel free to use any format you find on the internet.  Your total written assignment should total about 500 words.  Here are specific directions.

Letter 1:

Respond to the letter I mailed to you.  Please provide your Chinese (or Korean) mailing address so that I can send you a postcard.  Please use English in the heading of the letter.

Letter 2:

Please write a letter placing an order.  Here is the information you will need.

Order Department, Smithson Widget Company, 145 Maple Street, Los Angeles, California, 91436

You need to buy 200 widgets by October 14, 2013.  The widgets cost $695 each.  Tax is 8%.  Shipping is $40 each.

Letter 3:

Assume it is now November 10, 2013.  Please write a letter to the Smithson Widget Company.  For this letter, you are tasked with first preparing an outline of what you want to say.  This will help you organize your thoughts as you write.

The letter is a letter of complaint.  You want to tell the widget company that 14 of the widgets were broken when they arrived and you are including a photo of some of the boxes they arrived in (so you will need to have a line for "enclosures" at the bottom of your letter).  Seven of the widgets were so poorly made that you could not get them to fit on your widget drive machines.  Lastly, you should praise the company and say that aside from those problems the widgets have worked very well with your widget drive machines.  Don't forget to come to some sort of conclusion about all this.  So, letter 3 will require both an outline and a letter.