Written English Class Scholarship Application

Sedgehead is offering unlimited scholarships to his written English class.  But to obtain a scholarship, a student must submit a written application.  The cost of the class is RMB30 per class, currently less than $5 USD based on international exchange rates.  This cost is necessary because Sedgehead considers this part of his job as a writer and editor.  For the student, the cost includes two things 1) attending one class, and 2) having a 500 word essay professionally edited by Sedgehead.  Sedgehead edits scientific research papers professionally and for that work he charges about $20 for 500 words (see the main page of this website for details).  So, this price is much lower than scientific work.  Many companies charge $26 to 36 to edit 500 words of a scientific research paper, for comparison.

To obtain a scholarship, a student must submit an application.  Scholarships will be awarded for up to five classes at one time.  If a student wishes to attend more than five classes, a new scholarship application will be required.  The application must be emailed to my "sedgehead" email address at gmail.  Any student submitting a scholarship application must either be a current student or must submit an application to attend the class as well. The email application must include the following information:

Chinese name (if available):

English name (if available):

Contact information: Skype ID, QQ ID (if available), email address, other.

A 400-600+ word essay, written in Chinese or English, describing why the student needs a scholarship. This essay should include the following topics:

1) a brief statement of why the scholarship is needed (such as, the scholarship applicant is a student and has no job, the student is currently unemployed, the student is employed but has other financial obligations which prevent the student from paying tuition, etc.).

2) a brief statement of why the student is studying English and a statement of the student's reasons for taking the class. This section should be the longest part of the scholarship application.  Tell me what you want to do with your life and your use of English.  Why is this class important to you?  How do you plan to use your language skills?  Feel free to tell stories of your experiences or to share your hopes and dreams.  Consider it like an essay for application to college or graduate school.  This is a writing class and this assignment is like part of the class.  I'm asking you to write (in either Chinese or English) to tell me about yourself and your goals.  Feel free to describe past accomplishments or future goals.  In one sense, this task is part of the class; the main goal in this class is to get you to think of yourself as a writer of English and this is the first step in that process.

3) how the student plans to compensate Sedgehead or society in exchange for the scholarship.

As for Number 4, the student should select one of the following options:

Option A) you can pay Sedgehead later, after you have a job and some money,

Option B) you can pay someone else later by donating the money to a charity, or

Option C ) you can help someone else later for free, which will not cost you any money but only cost you a little time.

No matter which one of these three you chose, please be specific.  Exactly how would do you plan to carry out your plan.  For example, if you choose Option C, what do you plan to do for others in exchange for a scholarship and when do you plan on doing it?  If needed, this section can be the longest section, if you think that is appropriate.

My goal is to keep this class open to anyone who wants to join it, but I am also giving up time that I could be working at other things and not writing books or working for money.  So, I am asking you to take this class as serious as I do.