NEXT CLASS MEETING: Sunday, January 19, 2014, 9 p.m. Beijing Time (Application deadline for new students, January 14)

Next TENTATIVEclass meeting time for after Jan. 19 - Sunday, Feb. 9, 2014, 9 p.m. Beijing Time

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WRITTEN ENGLISH CLASS: student information

This page is for students of the Sedgehead Written English Class.  Your first class is free!  Then classes cost RMB30 each ($4.89 USD; the USD amount will fluctuate based on international money markets). Scholarships are available for those who cannot afford to pay; see below. Additional scholarships will be available for other reasons, including inability to pay (students and workers who cannot afford to pay). More details on scholarships will be posted later. ALL scholarships will be awarded based on need and by application only!!! Payments can be made to my Chinese bank account, Paypal, and other methods, including volunteer work for other agencies.  Details later!

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Class registration

Class registration has begun.  Class members are required to register before the class begins; for current students, they must register before their next paper deadline passes.  Registration is a one-time event.

Student Application

To join this class, each student must submit an application to register for these classes.  The application must be emailed to my "sedgehead" email address at gmail.  Applications will not be accepted by Skype, QQ, or other methods. Feel free to ask me for my email address if you do not know it.  A payment plan must be agreed to before the student joins their first class.  Scholarship information is listed below.  You can find the registration / application information here: http://www.sedgehead.com/index.php/learn-english/76-11-written-english-application-form

Scholarship Application

Student's who cannot pay the tuition for this class can apply for a scholarship and must submit a scholarship application.  The application must be emailed to my "sedgehead" email address at gmail.  You can find the application here: http://www.sedgehead.com/index.php/learn-english/77-12-scholarship-application. Scholarships are not automatic and will be awarded based on need as show in the scholarship application.

Purpose of the class

The purpose of this class is to teach the student how to write.  While grammar, spelling, and similar topics will often be discussed, this is not a grammar class.  This is a writing class.  First, we will teach you how to solve any problems with grammar, because you cannot write well without good grammar, but the emphasis will be on teaching how to write.

Class times

Currently, classes will meet on Skype at 9 p.m. Beijing Time on Sundays, but not every Sunday.  A regular schedule will be posted on this page.  Here's the current schedule:

Time to apply... Now!

Jan. 19 - next class.  PLEASE NOTE!!!  This class is for serious students only.  If you fail to complete your assignments on time, you will not be allowed to participate in the next class.  Exceptions can be made by special permission by email from Sedgehead.

Jan. 30 - next writing assignment due.

Feb. 9 - tentative class date.

Future classes will be planned for every 2-4 weeks.  Failure to submit the writing assignment will result in the student not being allowed to attend the next class.

Next assignment

No writing required until after the class

Note: new students are welcome at any time. Current students must have their assignments turned on time to participate in the next class

Assignment to be posted on line on this website.


Frequently asked questions:

Question: Do I have to have a scholarship?

Answer: No, but if you do not have a scholarship, you must plan to pay RMB30 for each class.


Question: Do I have to pay in advance?

Answer: No, but a payment method must be set up in advance.


Question: How many students are in each class?

Answer: The number of students will be between one to 20.



Question: What is being taught?

Answer: Writing in English.  Initially, we will teach how to write an essay.  Future assignments and classes will be on topics of: how to write a resume or CV (students will write their own resume and Sedgehead will edit it); how to write a business letter; how to write an application for graduate school or college; how to write a grant application; how to write your own autobiography; how to write fiction; how to write non-fiction; how to write English poetry; "The Little Things" or how can I, as a Chinese writer of English, avoid common mistakes of non-native speakers when I am writing English? 


Question: Can I attend some classes and not others?

Answer: Yes.


Question: Why does this class not meet every week?

Answer: Because it takes time for students to write and for Sedgehead to edit what they write.


Question: Is there a specific length to this class or curriculum?

Answer: No.  It is being developed "on the fly."


Question: Is one-on-one tutoring available?

Answer: Yes, but it is expensive.


Question: Will this class include English grammar?

Answer: Yes, but only indirectly. We will not emphasize grammar, but to write you must use grammar.  So, when your essay is edited by Sedgehead, he will VERY carefully correct your grammatical errors.


Question: Will I receive a grade or a certificate?

Answer: No.  The analysis of your writing will be very detailed and specific.  The goal is to improve your writing, not to compare yourself with others.


Any other questions?